Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mireya is a designer alright!

I'm super exited to tell you about my fav blog. This time we are blogging about mireya. She is a disigner. To be more specific a graphic designer. Her degree is in Bachelors of fine arts. Her undergruate school is Arts center of design. Right now she is in NYC. She went to University of California. Okay I told all of the facts you need to know. She said art has lots of emotions in it. I get what she is trying to say. Blue means sad. Red means angry. White means sleepy. Black means scared. Yellow means bored. Things like that. I can tell that she is deep down in her design. She knows what she is trying to say. She said when she draws it helps her open her mind. She's talking about on a peice of paper not on a computer. Okay let's move on. She also tought me that teachers help you get threw life.i know they help you but I would think of it different. I would say I can't wait to get out of school so I can move on with my life. How am I going to move on without my teachers right by my side. I should really listen in school so my life can be great.  Without teachers all of us would be dumb. Then you would'nt be able to read the worlds greatest blogs.  I'm happy I have my 5th grade teacher.  So I think Mireya made a good point. I remember one important thing she said to my class mates. About  how she knows we're going to have a bright future. That means a lot because I always tell my self I'm going to have a bright future. So it feels good that it came out of her mouth. She said that even know she just met us she wants us to have the best life we can. She said she wouldn't change a thing about us. That really made me happy. She wanted to be a lawyer at first. She ended up designing. I'm thinking she had lots of thoughts. We'll she is a very talented woman. I think she worked hard on lots of things. Only an amazing women like her knows amazing art. She has what It talkes to reach the top. No body is better than Mireya and no one can change it. Just kidding I'm sure there are designers just as creative as her. She does this because she truly loves what she does. I'm glad she is an designer and not a lawyer. I'm not trying to say that being a lawyer is lame or anything like that. I'm just saying I'm happy she chose to be a designer. She should a designer. Have you seen her work? She has lots of creativity in her designs. She has lots of colors. She makes me want to do it but, I'm not a good artist so I can't do that. I'm focusing on dancing and no one is going to take that away from me. That's what  I learned from her. She thinks I should focus on dancing. Besides I have been hoping to be a dancer sence I was like 2 years old. I really hope she sticks to what she wants to do. Im proud of her. I think that she might be the most creative person I ever met. She knows that if your a designer it's always good to have creativity. I really love the fact that she chose to be a disigner. That's all I got to say bloggers and readers.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey guys. It's your favorite Tiana. Today I'm going to tell you about Chris. He is a programer. He went to University of California. His degree is computer science. He also is the co-founder of Educreations. We use Educreations in our class room. We use it for math and reading projects. We have used it a lot. You can record and make assiments. We have done it in prefix words. That's why I like it so much. It is fun and also helping me by bringing my grades up. He said he was just making stuff when he was little. He was using lego's and he was just having a great time. Maybe that's how he thought of Educreations. Maybe he was just thinking of making new things. Now your probably wondering about who inspired him. He said he was inspired by a lot of people. But the one who really stood out to him was his sixth grade teacher. Chris told us that his sixth grade teacher would always ask for help. So Chris got to help other kids with computer programming. He told us that you can learn how to learn how to code more quickly at school. He said he loves his job. He is a good role model for the people who might want to be a programmer. So many other people think so to. It's amazing how dreams can really come true. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's get it started with Jackie

Jackie is in the student media and she writes about students. The college she went to is South Carolina. She said that it is a really good college. I agree, but my goal is Millikin. Now, the advice that she gives us is to always have someone looking out for you. Jackie really wants us to be inspired by people. She was inspired by Scott. She said that he is a really good man. She uses this thing called triple check. She triple check her work.  She Said othat triple check us when you check your work three times. In our class we double check our work. Okay moving on. She said that our first idea is not always our best idea. That was some helpful advice. Sometimes I tell my self to come up with the first idea then I publish. She said if something in your blog is incorrect it's really hard to get it back. But now I know that I should start taking my time so I can get it done right. If you write about something that is not true the person you were writing about can sue you. Being sued can happen any time so make sure that you always triple check. Somethings you should do to make sure that does not happen is to always ask yourself "how do I know this". That's what Jackie tought me to do to be sure of what I'm doing. Maybe that's why she writes in newspaper. Before she was working in the newspaper she said that she wanted to be a dentist. Then it just hit her mind. She wants to be a person that writes about fantastic kids in newspaper. Now triple check your work bloggers. Jackie will be looking for great work.


This week we interviewed the great Samantha. Samantha works at the ST. Mary's Hospital. In Decatur Illinois. She also has to get orders from Effingham and Streeder. She went to college at Southern Illinois University. Her first job is she has to check the medicine for all of the patients. She tells the nurses the safe mixure of different types of medicine. During our interview she told us how she double check all the time during her job. A student in our class ask her do you have to work as a team? She said yes, she has to work with other pharmacist to get the job done correctly. She told us that she was assigned to work in the evening shifts and some people in her job works in the morning shift or night shift. She told us that she has to stay calm in order to get things done the right way. My teacher always tells us that we have to double check our work. I hope you enjoy reading my blog because I sure enjoy giving it to you to read.

Monday, November 4, 2013


This week all of my class of 2025 had an interview with Myron. He is a construction worker. He is also an life fitness worker. Myron told all of us students to stay healthy. He said eat healthy. He also said work out. He said he was a little upset because he had to watch out for his sister because his mom to him to. He said to look back in your life. He said when he was little he had found every thing he could just so he can build things. He said meet new people.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I've got my eyes on Leigh

Hi my name is Tiana. And I am going to tell you about Leigh the real Estate. This week the class of 2025 interviewed Leigh. She is an Real Estate Broker. She comes up with houses for people to by and live in. She makes lots of houses for people to live. Maybe the you live in a house that came from her. When we had the interview she asked us, do we like to be bossed around? We said no. She said she does not like to be bossed around. She said she likes to boss them around. The college she went to was UNC-Chapel Hill. The location is Charlotte, NC. She said she lives in a small town. She said she thought she was a good piano player.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The one who was listening is the one who is Emily.

We had an interview with Emily and I thought that she gave out exiting advice. She inspired me a lot to keep going until I reach my goal. She said it's okay to not understand things because as keep reading you get better at it. She said allways put yourself out there and try new things. She said sometimes when she's frustrated she reads. She said reading is a good way to work you brain muscles and mite not even realize it. She said when you pick something you want to be you mite not always right for it. She said don't waste your time and use it wisely. She also said make you life an adventure.she said make every count as you go on. And keep getting hire and hire and hire. And never let no one tell you that you can't do it because you can. And she said the last but not least while you doing all of these things have fun while doing it.KEEP THE READ ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!